What is a smart city? For too long have been considered smart those urban conglomerates that make use of technologies for enhancing the performance of public services and optimizing the access to resources. Smart cities are much more than that. They are first and foremost complex social systems, inhabited and enlivened by people who proactively interact and transform them, everyday.

Our belief is that a city becomes smart in the moment in which citizens are included in the design of its space and its policies. Our commitment is to design technologies that can foster such inclusion. That’s why we have developed Deebase, a platform aimed at enhancing new interaction schemes between citizens and local administrations, a web-app aimed at supporting the dialogue and at facilitating collective decision making.

Facilitating the debate and the decision-making process were also the objectives of the project launched in Febraury 2014 in the city of Cesena (Italy). The then major of the city, also running for re-election, Paolo Lucchi, sponsored an initiative aimed at involving the citizens in the co-construction of the city political agenda for the years 2014-2019. Citizens were invited to participate, through a dedicated website, to collectively substantiate the 7 lines of actions which would have inspired the future development of the city. For this purpose, a custom installation of Deebase was released with the aim of collecting ideas, proposals and suggestions coming from citizens and potential electors of Paolo Lucchi.


Download the Case Study (.pdf)

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