A cloud platform aimed at helping communities in taking informed decisions, collectively.

Focus on people, not on technology

Our technology is cloud-hosted and Distributed as a Service. This means that all technical aspects are managed by our formidable development team, letting you to focus on your community. Isn’t cool?

Organized debates

Deebase allows users expressing their opinions about an issue to be analyzed, help them comparing the different positions and then lets them decide which are the best ideas addressing the topic under evaluation. The whole process is bounded by a set of perfectly balanced rules aimed at streamlining the process while preserving the complexity of the interactions.

Discussion software platform

Collective creativity, unleashed

An underlying gamification system incentives users in defending and explaining their ideas to other participants, thus transforming the confrontation into an engaging game-like process.

Deliberative forum

Let the best ideas bubble-up

At the end of each debate, all ideas are ranked according to their popularity. In this manner it is possible to identify for each discussion, the most supported ideas and the main “reasons why” behind them.

Online deliberative platform

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Mobile ready

Thanks to the two native Deebase apps (iOS and Android), users can join the discussion and cast their votes simply by tapping the screen of their smartphone or tablet.

Social media integrated

Through the integration with major social networks, discussions can be propelled beyond the borders of the platform. In this manner it is possible to measure, for each issue, the social footprint of all the competing ideas.