Discuss, vote and decide

The easiest way to engage your community in collective decisions making

Collective creativity

Invite users to express their ideas and let them collectively shape the proposals submitted by the others.

Submit and vote

Allow users to express their preferences by supporting their favorite proposals.

Watch the best ideas bubble up

Identify for each discussion the most supported ideas, their popularity across major social networks and the main “reasons why” behind them.


Beyond forums

Discussion boards (aka Forums) are amongst the most popular means of communication in the history of Web.

Despite their popularity, discussion boards are often running on outdated and primitive platforms, designed on the basis of interaction schemes of the last Century.

Clumsy and woefully tedoius to use, forums may, in the worst case, turn into chaos-generating machines, in which useful information get buried in endless threads.

But here comes Deebase, a cloud-based deliberation platform aimed at stremalining online discussions and fostering collective decision making.

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The Deebase approach

Deebase allows users to express their ideas about an issue to be analyzed, facilitates the comparison between different ideas and finally lets the audience decide which is the best answer addressing the topic under evaluation.

The whole process is bounded by a set of rules perfectly balanced to preserve the complexity of multiple interactions while allowing community managers to master them.

An underlying gamification system motivates users to express, defend and explain their ideas to other participants, rewarding them with badges and points attesting to their expertise.

Online deliberation platform

Distributed as a service

No management, server and updates costs. We’ll take care of all the technical aspects

Social media integrated

Deebase brings your conversation to where your users are: on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Fully customizable

Customize the platform to match the look and feel of your corporate branding. And if it’s not enough, we can provide you with a tailor-made installation

Mobile ready

Thanks to the iOs and Android apps, users can join the debate simply by tapping the screen of their smartphone or tablet

SEO optimized

Drive visitors to your site through customer-generated content with natural SEO

Private comunities

Create your private community that only your organization has access to. What happens in Deebase stays in Deebase!